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Who are you? I direct you to the author page. Shades Of Evening is actually my third webcomic. The second - Autumn In The Otherworld - was never completed, but the 50 finished pages will be available as a download shortly, while the first - To Light Your Way - should probably never be spoken of ever again, ever.

What genre is Shades Of Evening? GENRE IS FOR THE WEAK! ...ahem. I mean, I'm not very good at sticking to one particular genre. It's mostly an urban sci-fi, but I can't promise that elements of fantasy, horror and bizarre allegory will not creep in at the edges. Basically, we have zombies, we have vampires, we have spaceships, we have girly emotional scenes, we have fanservice. There ought to be something for everyone...

How long is the comic going to be? There are currently ten volumes of about four or five issues planned. So several hundred pages by the end. It should only take me ten years to finish :D

When do you update? One or two pages a week on random days, usually Friday or Saturday.

Can I link to you? Of course! There are some banners on the front page if you want, or you can make your own if you prefer. I don't currently do link exchanges, though, I'm afraid, although if you link to me from your webcomic and email me about it I can pimp your comic on the front page for a few weeks.

Do you mind fanart? Do I what?! I love fanart. When I get round to it there will be a proper gallery for fanworks here ♥

Will you draw something for me? I am not currently taking commissions. I am, however, very keen on art trades and collaborations, so email me and if I'm not too busy I will probably be very happy to join in.

What the hell is supposed to be happening here? / I found a broken link / I have another question! Please email me or post in the tagboard!


Seje Larsen
Grace Ballantyne
Rachel Ballantyne
Starfish Salisbury
Lux Vesperi
Sidus Vesperi
Lucien Delaney
Frederica Delaney


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